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i love my job.

thanks to all those that make it possible. ‚̧



Dyngus Day!!!

Dyngus Day is a big deal in Buffalo. If you know how to have fun in our rust belt city, then you decidedly become Polish for one day and party your socks off! This year is no exception! The Central Terminal in Buffalo will be hosting a HUGE Dyngus Day celebration this Monday and they think it will be even bigger and better than last year! It will be the LARGERST Dyngus Day celebration this side of the Atlantic! It’s starts at 3:00 and goes until you can’t whack anyone else with pussy willows. And our favorite part is that Amy’s Truck will be there as well, ready to fill your belly so that (let’s be honest) you can keep drinking!

We hope to see you there!


Exciting Weekend!

So this Friday, February 22nd, we will be at the Roxy’s 12th Anniversary Party! Come down to 884 Main Street in Buffalo, and dance your face off. After that, stay for a delicious Amy’s Truck treat! We’ll be there at 11:00pm until you’re done partying.


Then of course there is Saturday! On February 23rd, Squeaky Wheel is hosting Peepshow 2013: Hot Mess. Not only can you eat from Amy’s Truck, but you can¬†experience a 7 foot tall bubbly volcano, test your wits in an oral sex quiz game, muck around in a pile of crocheted food and ball-pit balls, help a Barbie make important day-to-day decisions, pose on their own hot sauce bottle label, bid on fabulous work in an art auction, and be pleasantly overwhelmed by a hot and messy array of interactive installations and intoxicating videos!

Now that’s a Saturday!!! We’ll be there at 8pm until we’re empty. Hope to see you there.