Nosferatu @ 464 Gallery

Excited about the cooler night? Patiently waiting for the crunch of fallen leaves under your feet?   Are you all aflutter for the first evening you smell the unmistakable smell of Fall? Already getting ready for Halloween?  You’re in luck – come out to 464 Gallery September 14th for a showing of the classic 1922 silent film Nosferatu! Accompanying the film will be an exciting, new, live score by the Andrew Alden Ensemble .

The evening starts at 7:30 and the movie will begin at promptly at 8PM so don’t be late!  We’ll be there at 7:30 and serving throughout the movie.

Tickets are $10! they’re available at the Gallery, through their website via paypal or at!

It’s going to be a perfect night for a classic movie, great music and some damn good food! We can’t wait to see you there!

Here’s more information about the event from 464 Gallery’s website:

Rejuvenating silent film classics with live music, the Andrew Alden Ensemble brings an exciting new score to the iconic Nosferatu.

F.W.’s Murnau’s German expressionist horror film is revered as one of the scariest Dracula adaptations ever made. The film was shot in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania during the early days of film.

The new score by the Andrew Alden Ensemble compliments the horror of the film, and the classic story of Dracula with the sensibilities of classical chamber music and the distinct edge of rock. The music–featuring piano, strings, synthesizers, percussion and electric guitar–will be performed in person during the showing of the film, giving audiences a new experience of this memorable classic.


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