Monthly Archives: December 2012

Every Time I Die (sort of secret show)

Ok, so the cat’s out of the bag at this point, but local rockers Every Time I Die, along with Burning Love, Kills and Thrills, and others, will be performing at the Funeral Home, 366 Ontario St.,  on Friday, December 21st. If the world is going to end, this isn’t such a bad place to be when it does. Mostly because you can go out with a full belly since the Amy’s Truck will be there before and after the show! Get there early because we have a feeling food and space will be going fast.



Queen City Market!

The only thing better than buying local is eating local! Come out this Saturday, December 8th to check out the Queen City Market with local crafts and artists selling their goods, and of course to pick up our famous lentil-berry sandwich. Holiday shopping (and eating) has never been so easy!