Monthly Archives: October 2012

Please, thank you, we love you.

Amanda has been working day and night on making the Amy’s Truck perfect, but expenses can become quite daunting. If you support Amanda, support local business, or just support delicious food, please give whatever amount you can (we worry about you too) and you will remain in our hearts for eternity! Please click on the link below to donate today.



Tonight Tonight!

We hope to see you tonight at The Funeral Home at 366 Ontario St. It’s not as morbid as it sounds since The Funeral Home is actually venue. Stop by to pay some respect to your stomach! We’ll be there from 6:00pm until everyone is full!

Amy’s Truck is finally here!!!

Well the truck is finally up and running! Check out our calendar and menu for upcoming spots and treats. And check out this local news story from opening night.

And thanks for the shout out Buffalo Rising!
Also, a small write up from Buffalo Business First.